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If you’re looking for a dog that’s both smart and gorgeous, a Cavoodle (also called a Cavapoo or Cavadoodle), might just be the breed for you.

This mix between a poodle (miniature or toy) and the Cavalier Kings Charles spaniel is one of the most popular dog breeds, for many reasons.​

Cavoodle Temperament

The Cavoodle comes from two treasured breeds, so it makes sense that the combination would result in a truly delightful dog.

Cavoodles are gentle and friendly, and their very social nature means they usually don’t know a stranger. Still, they tend to reserve their greatest affection (and they have a lot of it) for their families.

They’re also extremely loyal and value human companionship—often even over that of other dogs. They think of themselves as one of your pack pretty quickly after joining your household, so don’t be surprised if you soon have a fluffy shadow following you everywhere soon after bringing home a Cavoodle.

Cavoodle characteristics

  • Origin: Australia

  • Size: small/medium

  • Lifespan: 10-15 years

  • Energy level: medium

  • Breed group: toy companion dog

  • non-shedding

Cavoodle appearance

Cavoodles may take on characteristics of either parent breed, and may favor either the Cavalier Kings Charles spaniel or poodle more—or possess a unique mix of both breed characteristics.

Cavoodle pups of the same litter may look like entirely different dogs. Most crosses from purebred parents will look like small goldendoodles, with little to no shedding.

As far as size goes, Cavoodle puppies will grow to be between 16 and 25 pounds.

Your Cavoodle will probably need to see a groomer every four to six weeks. You may ask that their hair be cut shorter to reduce the time you need to spend with a brush in your hand.

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