Who are Avidog Associate Breeders?

Avidog Associate Breeders are responsible breeders who have publicly committed to raising their puppies the Avidog Way.  This means that they have educated themselves about both cutting-edge and tried-and-true methods to produce puppies that mature into physically healthy, mentally stable dogs.  And then they use those methods with every pup in every litter!

I am an APET Certified Evaluator. I would be happy to help you assess your future litters.

  • Assist you in preparing for your APET.

  • Ensure you have all necessary testing forms for the test.

  • Conduct the test professionally in accordance with the APET program.

  • Assists you in interpreting each puppy’s test results and behavior.

  • Assists you in preparing training plans for each puppy.

  • Explain, negotiate and collect any fees and expenses for their services from you.

Puppy Culture has motivated a change - breeders are networking to help each other raise better puppies, and we’re overwhelmed with requests from people looking for a “Puppy Culture Puppy".